A Summer of Story!

Summer at ECLC provides many opportunities for people to be engaged with one another for fun, support, learning and building community. Here is a brief summary of some summer programming. Our theme is Story, and you will see the intersections of God’s story and our story showing up in various ways. Below are highlights; watch e-news, announcements and the sign up center for details.

Neighborhood Night Out: Tonight from 6-8pm! Share stories with your closest ECLC neighbors. Email Lauren if you need directions.

Theology Pub: Wednesday, July 17 and again on Wednesday, August 14 from 7- 9 p.m., held at Cowboy Jack’s, 2801 Southtown Drive, Bloomington and led by seminarian Kristin Dybdal. Come together for casual conversation about the stories that will be the focus for worship on the coming Sunday.

Race & Faith through Storytelling: Monday, July 15. Explore issues of race & faith through music, storytelling, and poetry with Hip-Hop artist AGAPE and spoken word artist, Joe Davis, at our sibling congregation, St. Paul’s.

Story Sharing Brunch: Sunday, July 21st at noon at Cahill Bistro. Come, eat, listen and share!

Book Studies: Wednesdays July 23 and August 22, explore racial justice themes and stories of people who have experienced the power of race and discrimination and how those stories intersect with our own.
· July 23, 7 p.m. at ECLC. Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World, by Rozella Haydée White
· August 22, 7 p.m. at ECLC. I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness, by Austin Channing Brown

Campfire! August 4, 4 – 6:30 p.m., gather for a relaxed time and storytelling at the lake, hosted by Sarah and Dan Karlgaard, John and Annika at their home in Chanhassen. Mark your calendars and watch for more information.

And on Sundays…

Story, Song and Snack: anyone who enjoys a children’s story, song or snack is invited to gather at the tent (you’ll find it!) from 9:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. every Sunday through August 25.

Pop-up Conversations –Members will lead 30 minute pop-up story sharing from 9:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (More may be scheduled)

· July 14: Raising Grateful Kids

· July 21: Adventures in Mission

· August 18: What Makes a Happier Life

During worship in August people will tell brief stories of their own life and faith focused on the following themes:

· August 4: A Calling Story

· August 11: A Giving Story

· August 18: A Lutheran Love Story

· August 25: An Immigration Miracle Story

We look forward to lifting up story through these and other opportunities, as well as through our on-going mission and ministries all summer long!

2nd Annual Neighborhood Night Out

Our God is a God of relationship: one who seeks us out, one who desires us to care for one another, one who challenges us to love our enemy, one who calls us to love our neighbor.

As people of faith, we believe our neighbors are all creation, near and far…but, next week, we’re focusing on our immediate ECLC neighbors!

Join ECLC for our 2nd Annual Neighborhood Night Out next Wednesday, June 19th from 6-8pm when ECLCers gather in 9 parties scattered around the metro.

This simple potluck social event is a chance to get to know the ECLCers who live closest to you. As we grow as a congregation, we must be intentional about following God’s model in building the deep relationships that connect people beyond a Sunday morning…we hope you will come!

Now is the time to RSVP. Not sure where your local ECLC party is? Contact Lauren get the address for the ECLC party closest to you.

Wear Red for Pentecost this Sunday

The liturgical color for the Day of Pentecost (June 9 this year) is the red of fire, one of the day’s symbols for the Holy Spirit. The Bible often portrays God’s transforming presence through the symbol of fire: Moses and the burning bush, the pillar of fire that led the people of Israel through the wilderness, the fires of Mount Carmel and the temple in Jerusalem that consumed sacrificial offerings. The fire of the Pentecost story which we will read from the book of Acts signifies how a collection of fearful disciples was transformed by the Spirit into a bold and active church.

Remembering that the gift of the Holy Spirit is not just for the church of the past or only a few, everyone is invited to wear red to worship on Sunday. There will be only one worship service this week at 9:30, so we expect to fill the sanctuary with red. Each of us is clothed with power from on high, and signs of the Holy Spirit’s presence abound through the ministries of this congregation! God is continuing to form us into a bold and active church.

Following worship, you are invited to attend an art reception downstairs with Robert Coleman. Children can hear more about the birthday of the church at the pop-up tent and storytelling quilt outside. Look for red balloons, red streamers, blowing bubbles, and birthday cake. It will be a festive day for all ages!

Wear red for Pentecost, and remember the comforting, transforming presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.