Sunday School Registration Open!

At ECLC “we do not have a curriculum we are the curriculum. The ultimate purpose of education is what we do with that learning—how we live it (Maria Harris)” Registration for 2019-20 is now open for families with children and youth, and we also need your help as a volunteer. It has worked well the last few years to collectively lead small groups, with at least 2-3 volunteers assigned to each age/grade. Registration helps with planning and preparing for the year ahead, communicating with families, and keeping everyone safe.

We are all called to a life of service, remembering and keeping the promises of baptism:

• to live among God’s faithful people;

• to hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper;

• to proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed;

• to serve all people, following the example of Jesus;

• to strive for justice and peace in all the earth.

Faith formation at ECLC is not a “program” but a dimension of our ministry together that:

• nurtures the unique expressions and overall well-begin of the whole person, with milestones of physical, intellectual, social-emotional, and spiritual development [Christian Identity];

• connects us with each other in deeper, more meaningful ways, as the church; remembering and keeping the promises of baptism with and for each other [Beloved Community];

• gives bold witness to being church in the world; God’s YES for the thriving of our neighbor and the world God loves [Baptismal Vocation].

ECLC offers twice-monthly Lambs groups for pre-preschool families (ages 0-3), weekly Sunday School (3 year olds-grade 5), Confirmation Instruction + Wednesday Night Live for middle schoolers (grades 6-8), and Mass Meetings + Wednesday’s Created Space & Deeper Look + Monthly Connections for HS youth (grades 9-12). We also offer youth summer service learning opportunities trips (grades 6-12), and more! Register and volunteer your birth through age 18 children and youth online today, at Contact Kelly Rowley with questions about Birth-GR 8, and Jacob Niewinski with questions about GR 9-12. Thank you!